scope of BS Agriculture

Since 1947 Pakistan is an agricultural land due to its amazing river network. Pakistan’s land has been characterized as agricultural land before the Indo-Pak partition. Due to its wide water river network, traditional and healthy environment. The crops grown on Pakistani soil are of the highest quality and have huge demand in the world. Pakistan is producing vital quantities of wheat, rice, cotton, and as well as other crops like corn sunflower, etc, to full fill domestic needs as well as export to other countries. so, consequently exporting helps countries to overcome different financial challenges.

Scope of BS Agriculture Career, Job Opportunities

The field of agriculture is demonstrating its grandeur as a result of increased knowledge of crops and vegetation. There are now a lot of varied topics associated with this particular program and the major economy of our country.

You can work with this career in the following dimensions:

  • Employment in academic teaching and research
  • In the food and feed industries, there is a lot of research going on.
  • You can collaborate with governmental and global enterprises in laboratory research projects
  • At industrial management positions.
  • On Private Farms
  • Flower Industries
  • Companies do Land Scaping
  • At Agri-Based Industries
  • In Live Stock Department
  • With Commercial Banks
  • At Private & Public Consultancies

To sum up, there are numerous opportunities for people who desire to pursue a BS in Agriculture as a career-building program, in short, there is always a good scope of BS Agriculture in Pakistan.

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