Rollable Phone, Motorola's Rollable Phone Prototype

At the moment, the rollable phone is merely a prototype, but flexible OLED displays are part of Motorola’s existing gadget lines, and the revived Motorola Razr range of handsets. 

Both businesses will keep developing new form factors and smartphone applications with flexible OLED panels.

A rollable device developed by Lenovo will have a screen that expands vertically for improved multitasking, web surfing, and screen space use.

For the time being, Lenovo withheld any more information on its rollable phone and laptop plans. When these devices do reach the market, we wonder what they will be known as. The rollable phone may be called the “Moto Rolla”, but let’s not get too excited just yet; it will be at least a few years before these gadgets are available for purchase.

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