Improve Your Health
Improve Your Health

Improve Your Health

Life Comes once and you have to enjoy and Live it. Share goodness with others, which is only possible if you are healthy.

Here Goes Tips :-

Eat Healthy

Eat healthy haven’t mean eat more or food fully loaded by heavy oil and fats. Its only means that you should eat less and full of nutrients eg. Large number Fruits don’t stick to specific one. There are hundreds of fruits and vegetables to eat try to make changes in your regular diet and eat every type of food

 Can We Eat Meat ?

Yes,you can meat is good source of protein and vitamins but its not good for health using access amount of meat as it effects on whole body specifically increase chances in pain of joints

The Asian Techniques

In Asian countries there are two famous ways of how they cook food

  1.  Cooking for long time or deep cooking with full of spices
  2.  Boiling food in water and then again cooking with light amount of spice and oil ; mostly no oil is used in it

Drink Water

Drinking water is most important thing to balance our health as our body contains Up to 60% of water .where khooji found some study says that drinking only mineral water(provide by companies) is not quite good for your health as thy have limited minerals in it. where fresh water contains lots of minerals in it which automatically balance our body minerals and Improve Your Health condition.

What Amount Of Water My body needs

Its depends on your geological, age, height, weight, and other in avg. The water must be taken from 9 – 12 glass(avg. Size of drinking glass)

What Happens When i took over amount of water?

Its debated on many forms the effects of over drinking of water and there conclusions are :-

The over drinking of water have on side effects on body but it helps to maintain our cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure levels

Note: drinking huge amount at the same time will make you in trouble. So drinking must be after some time period

Sleep Well

The most common neglected part of our life is sleep. SLEEP must be taken as our body requirements the avg. Sleeping hours are 6-8 hours out of 24 hours (day)

Sleeping help us to relaxing and healing our body quicker and make body healthy and mind fresh & improve your health

Do Regular Exercise

Exercise is the best way to use all muscles of your body. Which make muscles strong and happy which make you powerful and help the vitamins and protein to absorb in the body

Be happy no depression

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