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Our lovely Google announced on last Tuesday 8-May-2019 at annual Google I/O developer conference. Google announced to make a more affordable version of its flagship Pixel smartphone. and
Google also announced to adding new carrier options in US.

This will help Google to enter in the global market, in hands of new customers come under umbrella of Google.

Upcoming Pixel 3a smartphone is half of the price of the previous Google Pixel phones. The screen size of 5.6-inch Pixel 3a will cost $399 and the 6-inch Pixel 3a XL will cost $479. This will bring a great exposure to new customer to the Google pixel Smart Features.

According to the Google Announcement now US will see new added carrier options in Pixel phone . The Pixel 3a phones will be available on Verizon T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular and Google Fi.

The only left one is AT&T where you won’t be able to get Pixel 3a in AT&T stores,But Pixel 3a will still work on AT&T’s network.

The new Google Pixel 3a will get all same features of its prior Pixel phones where we can see some new changes in Camera cameras will have night mode & portrait mode, like the Pixel 3.

The Google pixel 3a is close looks like Google Pixel 3 in looks while there are difference in the features.

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