Health is an important aspect which is getting ignored day by day. So, Khooji Team is working to find some best easy weight loss tips.
Due to luxurious and sedentary lifestyles. Health in actual is balanced life including physical mental and spiritual well being.

Health, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Maintaining a healthy weight is not always easy. Key to success is making changes in daily eating and physical activity habits. That can be maintained for a lifetime.

Human weight is a result of the combination of the energy one takes in and the energy their body uses to lose weight, an individual needs to use more calories than they  consume. To maintain a healthy weight, one needs to balance the calories they use with those they take in.

Maintaining a healthy ideal weight not only adds to your overall fitness but it also keeps your susceptibility to various diseases low.

So there are few easy tips for maintaining physical fitness:

1: Stay hydrated Drinking water up to 15-20 glass per day not only detoxify your body but also keep your skin fresh and healthy. Drinking water boosts up your metabolism and helps in losing your extra body weight.

2: The second important thing is to maintain your metabolism on such a diet plan which does not keep you hungry. Hunger is body stress which does not cause you to lose weight rather u gain it. So eat your daily low calorie meal in divided form. Cut down on your sugar intake and starch intake. Eat a protein rich diet including Sea foods Meat Egg. Eat vegetables and fruits.

3: Indulge in some physical activity Like doing morning walk daily for minimum of 30 minutes and inhale air full of oxygen feel the freshness ruing in your whole body Make a habit of doing yoga or some cardio exercises Its up to your choice what ease for you.

4: Manage your mental stress Because stress causes body to produce such hormones which lead to obesity.

5: Take good sleep Good sleep keep your body full of happy hormones.

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