Colored Stripes on Your Toothpaste

It is an old saying, “If teeth are good then health is good”. This old saying is true even today. If our teeth are strong we can eat any fruit and vegetable without any restriction but if the teeth are damaged then we have to face many problems (for instance restriction in eating many food items, mouth and digestive system disorders). In order to keep our teeth healthy and strong enough we have to care for them very much. Which especially include brushing of teeth.

Brushing teeth is our daily practice. Everyone is brushing his/her teeth, from a young one to an aged. While discussing about the teeth the toothpaste which we are using is of special consideration. It is necessary to know which paste you are using for your teeth either it is natural or just a mixture of many chemicals. But do you know how??? All you need to do is just check the bottom of the toothpaste.

If you have clearly viewed your tooth paste you will find some colored strip on the bottom of the toothpaste. Have you ever thought about these color stripes; what these stripes indicate??? Here we are telling you about these specific colored stripes.

Colored strips on toothpaste

Actually four different colored stripes are used on different pastes which are: BLACK, RED, BLUE and GREEN. These colored stripes tells about the composition of toothpaste.

BLACK: Pure Chemical

RED: Natural with Chemical

BLUE: Natural with additional Medicine

GREEN: Natural

So Khooji recommends you while , next time you buy a toothpaste do remember to see the colored strip on it to choose the best which suits your teeth.


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