win 10 final view

Win 10 Final product of Microsoft

Why Windows become famous

first of all we pick the reason why windows become famous because.

Windows focus on the Zero CLI interaction due to common user. So User work only in GUI

Why need to new versions of Windows

There are different versions of Windows as there are improvement in GUI and bugs and errors which need update after some time windows implemented update features in win 8.1 which can be checked for new update and update without whole system taking down

why win 10 is introduced

Win 8.1 is introduced having mostly features of tablets and touchscreen laptops which are lacking some features unusable in desktop pcs which also need to be resolved after this win 10 is introduced in market which surprisingly support Desktop Laptop Tablets And Mobile devices which bring one platform to all devices which helped Microsoft to focus on single platform which attract more developers to learn single platform for multiple devices which makes easy and valuable development of Windows platform

Features of win 10

Win 10 gets some amazing and useful features and gadgets which make user to work easy and be secure and safe

List of main features of win 10

  1. Cortana (personal assistant)
  2. Office 365 with large range of products
  3. Complete reset, recovery and backup without any other disk / installation media
  4. Personalization of complete desktop view you can personalize all things present on desktop including your Taskbar which is quite amazing
  5. Better transitions effects then older versions
  6. If you like older version of windows transitions effects then you can also switch to it easily
  7. Windows defender regular updates

So in khooji’s point of view win 10 will not leave the ground easily but there will be some better product in future which will replace win 10 but There is much more to explore…. if you are not using windows get your window here

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