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  You are Unique From Others

Khooji finds the amazing facts of the uniqueness of the human body parts. Which make you unique from whole living or dead humans of the world

The estimated value in May 2018. Population on earth reached to 7.6 billion and still increasing daily.

But you have still some things that are completely different from other peoples in the world.

Your Hands

There are almost 15 billion hands on the earth of 7.6 billion peoples. Amazing thing is that your  finger prints are not same to any other 15 billion hand on earth. The most shocking to know is that your both hands haven’t same finger prints. that sounds quite amazing to know.


Your Eyes

Now moving to eyes. There is iris in our eyes which contains unique pattern of veins. Which can’t be same to any person living on the earth not even your parents

Your Heart

Some studies shows pattern of heart beat is also unique for every person. Where it isn’t 100 % confirmed yet this topic is still under study

Your Tongue

The tongue is the most flexible part of the body of every human you can rotate it up-to 180 degrees of angle. You may shock to hear that your tongue also have pours on its surface. which combined pattern always different from  other human being which is also in testing stages of implementation .which means you can use your tongue for security purpose

Your DNA

The dna is one of the most amazing and complex thing exist on the earth it pass form parents to offspring but still its not 100 % same as two sibling also have always different dna structure from one and another the most combination formed by 50 % – 60% from father and leftover from mother’s dna but still its not combination structure is not confirmed not at all.

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