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What is Money

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Earn Money will discussed later before we discuss about Money

The Money is a physically existing valuable thing, which can be exchanged into any type of goods and resources.

It varies from country you are living to other countries in the world there are almost 180 different type of currencies exist in the world.

Now explaining how to earn money to exchange into other goods and resources for living good life. In the Khooji’s point of view there are three types of ways to earn money

Ways to Earn Money

There are three types to Earning Money really

  1. Physical
  2. Semi Physical
  3. Stationary


include the variety of jobs from worker to teaching. From manufacture to seller and lots of other jobs around us.

In this human put its physical energies to perform different tasks to earn money its our major and common way to earn money for living

Semi Physical

This is the type of physical work. But it’s more like to earn money by investing your money or resources. That will generate good revenue where it have high risk factor. which means if you fail in good balanced trade then your money will be lost forever


Work include all type of the ways to earning money in which thinking, creativity are more involved then investment and physical resources it include freelancing, online drawing and creating design or develop some computer related work which generate reasonable revenue by understanding the basic things such as to learn computer and have polished skill and you can earn more money without leaving home quite simple

The latest way to earn by online trade system is done in the “Bit Coin” which is the e-currency having exchange rates form real cash into Bit Coins.Then Bit Coins are invested into Trade to earn revenue.
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