Users Should Know everything that Google Plus Shutting Down there service overall

Google+ used for: Social Network for Businesses. Online community where you can safely share team updates, new ideas, and common interests in real time. Share knowledge. Connect with team members no matter where they are. Photos and videos bring conversations to life. Share, connect, and interact on the go. Google+ design the way people interact offline closely than is the case in other social networking services.

Launched in 2010, it was the latest platform. They are shutting down its service because failing to bring the traffic as competitors like Twitter and Facebook is successful.

There are some things users Should know:

  • Google Plus services is shutdown, as well as shutting down all accounts and pages on the platform.
  • The service will declared shutting down on April 2,
  • The service after discovering a security sensitivity then negatively impacted 52.5 million users.
  • Plan of Google to shut down google+ in August 2019 but due to security issues they close it very soon.
  • “No third party compromised our systems, and we have no evidence that the app developers that inadvertently had this access for six days were aware of it or misused it in any way,” Google’s vice president of product management “David Thacker” wrote in regards to the software bug last year.
  • Third-party app designers access to the personal information of Google Plus users’ profiles without needing their consent. The company reportedly hid the bug to avoid regulatory penalties.

Google create a process that allows to save and move their Google+ data.

One of the main ground that google+ will be shut down can be linked to the data breach that happened on the platform. More then 500,000 accounts had their personal and private information illegally shared without consent. This event happened on March 2018. Which was during the same time that Facebook was under intense scrutiny due to the Cambridge Analytics data scandal.

Data Saving and shutdown

Shutting down, which means that users would have to export their data out of the platform. To help users, Google launched a service called Takeout, which makes exporting data more efficient process. Log-in to your Google Account and begin the process of downloading your data. You can easily select which data sets would you like to download, which includes, Google+, Hangouts. Once you have selected the data, you can choose the file type and create the archive.

Google take time to create another social media platform.

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