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In a fast-paced world where technology is constantly redefining our possibilities, the LG Gram Fold has emerged as a game-changer. This foldable laptop combines the best of both worlds, blending the portability of a tablet with the power of a laptop. In this blog, we’ll take a brief but captivating look at the LG Gram Fold’s cutting-edge features, offering a glimpse into the exciting world of foldable computing.

A New Era of Foldable Laptops

LG has just unveiled its first foldable laptop, joining the likes of ASUS and Lenovo in this unique category. The LG Gram Fold is a touchscreen device that can be a super-sized tablet or a regular computer when unfolded. It has a huge 17-inch OLED screen with stunning colors when used as a tablet. If you require it to function as a computer, you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard. Additionally, it works well with stylus pens, making it ideal for creative tasks like calligraphy and drawing.

LG Gram Fold
The LG Gram Fold features a 17-inch display that can be folded. (Image credit: LG)

A Durable Foldable Laptop with Versatile Features

When it is folded, the top part becomes 12-inch screen, while the bottom could turn into a keyboard for typing. According to LG, it put the device through tests and confirmed that it could resist 30,000 folds without the display being harmed. Samsung tests its foldable Galaxy phones’ hinges around 200,000 times, but most people likely access their phones a lot more than their computers or tablets within a day.

LG Gram Fold Specifications

The LG Gram Fold boasts a 17-inch foldable OLED touch display with a 2560 x 1920 pixel resolution. It measures 378 x 280 mm in tablet mode and 192 x 280 mm when folded. One of the best things about the LG Gram Fold is its lightweight and portable design. The weight is approximately 1,250 grams without the keyboard and 1,530 grams with it, ensuring easy portability. When unfolded, it features a 4:3 screen at 16.9 inches, making it 980 pixels high on both screens when in laptop mode. This makes it easy to carry around with you wherever you go

(Image credit: LG)

Key specs

  • Display: 17-inch OLED panel, 2,560×1,920 resolution
  • Processor: 13th-gen Intel Core i5-1335U processor
  • Storage: 512GB
  • Ram: 16GB
  • Ppi: 188.2
  • Audio: Three stereo speakers
  • Camera: HD webcam with IR sensor
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi 6E
  • Ports: Two USB-C ports
  • Battery: 72Wh battery that supports 65-watt charging

Limited Availability and Pricing Mystery

LG has confirmed that its first foldable laptop is available in limited quantities in its home market of Korea, with no word on wider availability.

Unfortunately for the majority of potential buyers, it’s unclear whether the LG Gram Fold will be available in most markets. It is now only offered in a small number of stores in South Korea. The Gram Fold normally costs 4.99 million won ($3,729 approximately). For the first 200 purchasers, there is a discount pricing of 3.99 million won, or approximately $3,499 USD.

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