Organic food
Organic food

Kitchen Gardening

About Kitchen Gardening:

Growing self Organic Food Would be so easy and reliable in these days. Would you like to eat freshly grown produce? What could be healthier and fresher than your own home grown organic foods! Growing organic foods at home is healthy and cost effective, and it may also help our economy and environment.

Kitchen gardening is a super hobby to do because It has many physical and psychological health benefits.

A simple gardening is a type of gardening in which different types of ornamental and shady trees are grown, the fruit bearing trees and plants are also included in this category.

Kitchen Garden is small space where you can grow your Own Organic Food likewise Herbs and Vegetables.

Many house-wives or old people who have a lot of time like planting their own vegetables and seeing them flourish. It is a hobby for many people because they like taking care of the plants. So many people do it because they like it and on top of that, there are several benefits too.

Plant stake the carbon dioxide and provide oxygen for the reason that is very vital for human beings. It also keeps the temperature cool and breezy. It also brings positivist and good vibes to the house as a well-maintained garden which is very pleasing to the eyes. When flowers are added with vegetables it enhances the aesthetic appeal of the house and bring since fragrance too.

Increase in clean n Organic vegetable production due to kitchen gardening.

 Importance of Kitchen Gardening:

Organic Vegetables 

You can grow you own vegetables Organically and it will be without any contamination.


It is the form of Plant Fertilizer that is made up by decaying the Organic Material like Kitchen Wastes. 
You will get Two Benefits from the Compost.
1. Vegetables will be organic and grow fast.
2. You will get rid off Wastes without throwing it in garbage.

It takes almost 6 Months to make Compost from Wastes.

Cheap and Easy way of getting Vegetables

Due to Kitchen Garden you can grow vegetables in your Home that help you to save some of you Money that you spend in buying Vegetables Locally.


By the Kitchen Gardening you can recycle your Vegetables. For Example , you can collect your unwanted vegetables and make Compost of it and again you can use Compost Growing new Vegetables and Herbs.

Likewise Vegetable and fruit peels and unwanted vegetables can be recycled to make compost and manure which is really good and beneficial for the growth of the other vegetables which will be planted.

Where as kitchen gardening is a type of gardening in which vegetable plant sear grown for getting pure, fresh and cheap meal near the kitchen.The food from the kitchen garden is organic and healthier as compared to that which is bought from the grocery store.

A kitchen garden ensures an inexpensive, regular and handy supply of fresh vegetables which are basic to nutrition, which protect us against diseases.Lack of vegetables, particularly the green leafy vegetables, leads malnutrition which causes diseases like anemia and night-blindness.Dark green leafy vegetables such as palak and brown vegetables like carrots prevent blinding malnutrition.

Amazing health benefits of Organic Food

which you may not know these are:

  • You will get pure organic food without dangerous sprays on it due to grown under self Super vision.
  • The food will be fresh and healthier.
  • Home grown Organic food will cost less then grocery store.
  • Spending free time in garden means you will spend less time on social media. Is not this great.
  • Looking at green plants improves eyesight.
  • Anxiety and depression reduce by looking at the green plants.
  • You will be refreshed by looking at the growing plants.
  • You will be able to make delicious curry from your own grown vegetables.
  • So, do not wait and plant your own kitchen garden.

To have fresh herbs for cooking, especially in the winter. If you like to cook, it’s nice to be able to use fresh herbs to season dishes like fish, soup,salads, etc. If you use local seeds/plants, you also have a choice of selecting organic & native varieties.

Present Status and Future Scope of Horticulture in Pakistan

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