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Scope of Horticulture in Pakistan


Horticulture is the science of studying garden plants. Derivation of word Horticulture is done from two Latin words “Hortus ” meant ‘garden’ and “Culture” means” The way of growing crops”.

 It deals with the important crops raised in Garden e.g. vegetable in vegetable garden, fruits in fruits orchard. 

One branch of agriculture is Horticulture and it plays an major role in Pakistan’s economy. Horticulture has a great part in earning the foreign exchange for the country. Horticulture has 19.8% of share in Gross Domestic Product of Pakistan, According ( ”Pakistan Bureau of Statistics agriculture”).

Present Status:

Horticulture is a broad field, when talking about present status. It shares 42.3% of total workforce of Pakistan is related to Horticulture production.

This shows the present scope and importance of agriculture and its important field horticulture.

The total number of orchards in Pakistan is about 328,400.The statistics are as:

  • The number of orchards within l acre of land is 111.5 x 103;
  • The orchards within 1 to 5 acres are 173 x 103;
  • The orchards within the size of 5 to 25 acres constitute of 40 x 103
  • 50 and above 1.5 x 103.[Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, 2002]

Mangoes :

 The most favorite fruit due to its rich taste, as it is very juicy and pulpy. In Pakistan, mangoes are cultivated on large amount & found in multiple varieties . Pakistan is the one of the bigger exporter of mangoes to many countries around the world.

In Pakistan mangoes made in Saraiki Belt, Multan & Sahiwal. However among all species Sindhri mangoes have gained a big importance. Sindhri mangoes are the most popular variety produced in Sindh  province . Punjab produce 67% whereas Sindh shares 32% to total production.

Future Scope: 

Hence there are many factors which will determine the future scope of horticulture in Pakistan. As we know that Pakistan is an agricultural country therefore we hope the future scope of horticulture in Pakistan will be better & Charming.

There are many problems with our today’s horticultural world also strong need  to resolve issues of horticulture. Therefore Some of the problems are enlisted below:

  •  Increasing need experience in connected Field. 
  • Require improvement storage & shipment.
  • Lack of trained Workers  
  • Marketing system is old one need to upgrade
  • High percentage of post-harvest losses 
  • Irrigation facilities are not good 
  • Low output whereas production cost is high 
  • Lack of transport facilities even more in rural areas 
  • Likewise other corps post harvest losses are very much. 
  • Furthermore needed more land for the establishment and expansion of nurseries 
  • Due to less Cold storage facilities packaging and other associated facilities are though.
  • Hybrid seeds working better therefore needed more improvements
  • Almost above all need setting up of a regional network.
  • Introducing wholesale markets for fruits, vegetables and flowers

Hence we have discussed the important issues tried to give the solutions of them which will mainly determine the future of horticulture in Pakistan.

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