worlds first gene-edited babies

Worlds First Gene-Edited Babies

Gene/Genome Editing 

Gene editing is type of genetic engineering in which DNA is modified or edited or performed function like inserted, deleted, or replaced on the gene of a living organism scientist are working on this since the 1970’s

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Revolutionary work in 2018

A Chinese scientist claim that he have done an gene edited. He done testing on twin babies which have HIV in there genes. The Babies caring from there parents. While he edited the gene by the method of molecular scissors. Which is process is used to edit gene in the womb of living organism

He claimed he worked and tested on volunteer women. Now she had twin babies. born they are alive and healthy where are in supervision. Scientist state that child need to supervision under doctors team until they finally turn to 18 years old. 

Whats Next

If this is true the real work is done by the Chinese scientist then this lead the bio technology to new levels which may helpful to the humans as the
diseases will be removed which the DNA is caring from there parents such as HIV Aids Other disorders and disabilities.

Therefore weakness of a living thing can be removed and make it Superior. Which will be a calm welcome to the future we talk about, Further more

Banned In Countries

These type of editing is banned in countries like USA UK and China where on international form it raises some difficult and challenge-full questions to china and the professor

Disadvantages of Gene-Editing

There are huge and unrecoverable disadvantages of this type of doing gene-editing on living benign as it may result any creature of dis balance the DNA structure of the living body and changes its appearance or etc 

The Miss use of technology also it is most impotent to protect the technology from the black handed persons. Which may use this in damaging the humanity or in making any other weapon Due to this reason its not save to let all people do this work


What ever we say but it need confirmation form the authentic scientist that the scientist is telling truth or not meanwhile 

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