The World Lied to You

World lied to you means people believes and words, mostly become wrong and changes with respect to time and new studies

This is really shocking khooji found the world lied to you.  80-90% of things you hear are full of lies

As robots are built for making our life easier. using of pesticides on crops and not effects on health.

The following are the some types of wrong news

New Inventions

New inventions made to reduce work efforts and protect from diseases. Khooji found less hard working people are more caught by diseases easily the most common diseases are

Fatness , dibeties , high cholesterol level and other hiddn disease causing pain and illness

Keeping Hygienic Environment

Protecting kids from soil and germs

Studies shows that the kids protected from playing in soil and keep always clean and hygienic will be caught more diseases from other child because of weak immune system

Food effects

The Food effects your behavior that not believed by humans but now results of observation the food help in making your personality if you are just like love greenish food then you are one of people who have deep thoughts

Is you like little bitter taste of food then you are one of adventurous person

Don’t be panic all the food are good for health and you must eat all types of foods and fruits to live a healthy life.

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